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My New Foto Blog

[Must click on title “My New Foto Blog” first to get to live links, sorry] NOW publishing photos HERE  And my main BLOG here  


See My New Blog

I will try to write more regularly there and save this website for information on my books and photography. Not sure why, but you have to click on the headline “See My New Blog” to go to the next page for a live link. My apologies.

“Calvinist” Swipe at John Piper

If Luther (and Bonhoeffer) could hear what ELCA Lutherans are saying, if Wesley could hear what many Methodists are saying, if Calvin could hear what wooden Calvinists are saying, the Richter Scale meter would peg-out over their graves. Sinclair Ferguson, in the linked video, gives a vivid answer to a “Calvinist’s” swipe at John Piper. The question comes at a bit more than a quarter inch before the half way point [no time marks] when a man with a long, … Continue reading

Christmas Outside the Box

Before the bustle of the coming holidays and Christmas rush consumes our time, now would be an opportune moment for us to pause and  look ahead for opportunities to seize that time in order to share Christ with another.  How often are we given such a favorable time? Most of our attention during this Season is focused inside the box, inside the four walls of our church and our home.  We rejoice in sharing Christmas through our church programs and … Continue reading