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“Calvinist” Swipe at John Piper

If Luther (and Bonhoeffer) could hear what ELCA Lutherans are saying, if Wesley could hear what many Methodists are saying, if Calvin could hear what wooden Calvinists are saying, the Richter Scale meter would peg-out over their graves. Sinclair Ferguson, in the linked video, gives a vivid answer to a “Calvinist’s” swipe at John Piper. The question comes at a bit more than a quarter inch before the half way point [no time marks] when a man with a long, … Continue reading

Your Child and Your TV

Considering the developing child and confronting TV’s impact should arouse the drowsy parent. First, consider that developmental psychologists say that over 80% of a child’s personality is formed by age five or six. Now, parents do not control the predisposition given by the genes. But the interaction between genetic programming and environmental shaping is cause for concern. The debate about how much the environment affects the child should not obscure the consensus that it does, indeed, affect him. The parents’ discipline greatly affects how the child handles his disposition. The lack of parental guidance leaves the child at the mercy of his environment. A big part of that environment, today, is the TV set. Continue reading