War, Winter Reading, and Christian Reflection

Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914 tells more than the story of the Christmas truce. As one reviewer wrote, it is not just for Christmas. “The story of the Christmas Eve truce of 1914 is timeless as is the message underlying the events.”

Christians ought to reflect on the events of World War One and come to terms with the picture of a world with neither enough salt nor light in ‘Christian’ nations to prevent the preparation of the groundwork for the bloodiest century in human history. As back then, so today, too many Christians are too eager to bless their nation’s warring.

Oh Holy Night reflects on the events leading up to the ‘war to end all wars’ and on the merciless ‘peace’ that followed the Armistice. Included is the affectionate correspondence between Queen Victoria’s grandsons, Russian Czar Nicholas II and German Kaiser Wilhelm II as they desperately sought to avert conflict between their own nations in the face of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s declaration of war. Sadly, they could not overcome the pressure of their political constituencies. There was no outcry against war. Fear and hubris ruled their day.

May that light that burst forth on Christmas Eve, 1914, pierce our present-day darkness so that those who bear Christ’s name may truly be the light of the world.
Soli Deo Gloria


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